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  • Ep 62: Too Much Information

    Ep 62: Too Much Information

    Chris and Pete love a bit of science and science is replicable. The same experiment gets the same results, that sort of thing. But what about faith, the bible, and God? Is it the same for us all? Nope. Here they check out the work of Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han who reckons knowing stuff makes…

  • Ep 61: Do I Bless God?

    Ep 61: Do I Bless God?

    There’s all these bits in the bible where people bless God, but what have I got that god needs? What is a blessing for God? Chris and Pete return to the love Dog and see if they can unpack this bizarre twist… how do the blessed ones bless the one who blesses us? Can we…

  • Ep 60: The God of Evil?

    Ep 60: The God of Evil?

    Chris and Pete unfurl another of those curly questions. Did God create Evil? Are bad things hand crafted by the loving creator of the universe, was badness? Have we humans given evil a face, made it into a thing, or is it something else? Are Dark, Cold, and Evil merely absences and what does it…

  • Ep 55: It’s So Tempting

    Ep 55: It’s So Tempting

    We think we know about the things we shouldn’t do, but are there good temptations? Or bad ones? Chris and Pete try to look but not see and ask questions about temptation. Is it our own fault? Is it so bad?

  • Ep 54: Childhood Faith

    Ep 54: Childhood Faith

    Is it possible to go back to the faith of your childhood? Is it wise? And how do we be children… and mature people of faith… all at the same time? Join Chris and Pete as they get completely baffled and go camping instead.

  • Ep 53: What Doesn’t Science Get?

    Ep 53: What Doesn’t Science Get?

    Chris and Pete get themselves completely confused by asking one simple question. How can we understand what we can’t perceive? They speak of Gremlins and The Matrix and ask if science has the answers. And if it doesn’t, where are the answers? Take a deep breath and join them looking for things we don’t get.

  • Ep 52: Are You a Living Thing?

    Ep 52: Are You a Living Thing?

    Christians bang on about ‘The living word’. Have we made it into something magical? Is it a mystical force? Is there MORE power in bible words or Jesus sayings? Chris and Pete ask some tough questions like, maybe it’s actually really simple and can we find a more effective way to live with the word?

  • Ep 51: War Stories

    Ep 51: War Stories

    Is the Israel issue intractable? Chris and Pete take it on, head on because the problems in the middle east seem to have a distinctly religious flavour. Should they? Is this a war that God cares MORE about than others? How can we think, biblically, about the mess and what should I do about it?

  • Ep 50: Is God Uncomfortable?

    Ep 50: Is God Uncomfortable?

    Does life suck? How come we can’t get comfortable? And is it something God does? Deliberately? Or is discomfort OUR fault? Are you planning a comfortable retirement, or a comfortable life? Chris and Pete get uncomfortable asking this and more.

  • Ep 49: We Are Dull and Boring

    Ep 49: We Are Dull and Boring

    Chris and Pete read from the late Mike Yaconelli and find out why he thinks churches should be frightening, challenging and not comfortable. But who is responsible? Is it us in the seats that make the place dull and boring? Can we stop playing safe? Or does playing it safe mean taking risks with each…