The OddFather Podcast

Two guys who like science and probably think too much, but also love God and love being His children, get together with a common understanding.

This God they love is really confusing.

How has the world we live in shaped what we believe about what believe? And why do these two find their Father so odd?

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  • Ep 41: Missionary or Ministry?
    Missionaries have got a bad rap at times, so have we got it wrong? Can you be a person with a mission? Maybe a few missions? Or do you minister and does the difference matter?
  • Ep 40: Is More, Poison?
    Is having or wanting more a good thing? Did God make us for more? Chris and Pete ask what happens if we try for more and what happens if we are made for more but all we do is just want… more?
  • Ep 39: The Terrifying Mustard Seed
    Chris and Pete look at what is NOT the smallest seed and ask, can you use a whole mustard seed? They try to grow a faith tree and ask what happens if we don’t hold back and, isn’t it terrifying?!
  • Ep 38: You Got No Soul!
    Chris and Pete pick the enormous brain of bible scholar and podcaster Sophie Gerrie about the human soul. What does she mean there’s no such thing? How did we get one and what has the confusion led to? Does the misunderstanding make it hard for us to rule the planet? Can you cope with being soulless?
  • Ep 36: Am I Reading This Wrong?
    Lee had a real problem with his church offering sunshine, light, healing, and a bible that is infallible. Chris and Pete agree, he SHOULD have a problem. So they ask how we can identify what we SHOULD be hearing and reading, to find the right answers.