The OddFather Podcast

Two guys who like science and probably think too much, but also love God and love being His children, get together with a common understanding.

This God they love is really confusing.

How has the world we live in shaped what we believe about what believe? And why do these two find their Father so odd?

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  • Ep 53: What Doesn’t Science Get?
    Chris and Pete get themselves completely confused by asking one simple question. How can we understand what we can’t perceive? They speak of Gremlins and The Matrix and ask if science has the answers. And if it doesn’t, where are the answers? Take a deep breath and join them looking for things we don’t get.
  • Ep 52: Are You a Living Thing?
    Christians bang on about ‘The living word’. Have we made it into something magical? Is it a mystical force? Is there MORE power in bible words or Jesus sayings? Chris and Pete ask some tough questions like, maybe it’s actually really simple and can we find a more effective way to live with the word?
  • Ep 51: War Stories
    Is the Israel issue intractable? Chris and Pete take it on, head on because the problems in the middle east seem to have a distinctly religious flavour. Should they? Is this a war that God cares MORE about than others? How can we think, biblically, about the mess and what should I do about it?
  • Ep 50: Is God Uncomfortable?
    Does life suck? How come we can’t get comfortable? And is it something God does? Deliberately? Or is discomfort OUR fault? Are you planning a comfortable retirement, or a comfortable life? Chris and Pete get uncomfortable asking this and more.
  • Ep 49: We Are Dull and Boring
    Chris and Pete read from the late Mike Yaconelli and find out why he thinks churches should be frightening, challenging and not comfortable. But who is responsible? Is it us in the seats that make the place dull and boring? Can we stop playing safe? Or does playing it safe mean taking risks with each other?