Two guys who like science and probably think too much, but also love God and love being His children, get together with a common understanding.

This God they love is really confusing.

How has the world we live in shaped what we believe about what believe? And why do these two find their Father so odd?

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Your OddFather Podcast hosts are Pete Court and Chris Matthews.

Pete Court

Began in TV, moved into radio, then into comedy writing for stage and television. Then, from Breakfast radio and advertising writing he escaped into academia and studied psychology, media and creative writing. He is now a novelist and teaches creativity and communication at University. He plays sport at district level and married a very patient woman who loves bicycles, tea and God. Not in that order. He is passionate about his faith even though he doesn’t understand it, kind of like a five year old with a microscope.

Chris Matthews

Quite by accident, Chris discovered a penchant for Biological Science in his first year at university and parlayed that into a 20 year career in medical research. During that time his two other passions also blossomed. A side product of the ‘publish or perish’ paradigm of government funded research was the unexpected development of his talent for illustration and graphic design, which is an ongoing freelance creative outlet. Unrelated to either of those things was his introduction to the Christian faith through a random? invitation to church which brought him eventually into a leadership role. He and his wife have pastored that same church for the last 25 years, something that still amazes them both. His scientific background has led him to ask many weird questions which may have answers. He prefers a telescope.


Introduced by Lenny Firth, music by Jordan Hooper, recording and web production by Mathan Allington.