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    Teaser: The OddFather Podcast

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  • Ep 75: No Such Thing As Peace

    Ep 75: No Such Thing As Peace

    Can we live in peace? A follow up to #73 when Chris and Pete looked at peace and comfort, Is Peace innate in our lives? Is it natural? Can we deal with difference and have differences and find the peace within? How?

  • Ep 74: What’re You Afraid Of?

    Ep 74: What’re You Afraid Of?

    After 74 episodes, how are Chris and Pete coping with not knowing? Is there value in being ignorant, especially when you’re leading a prayer meeting? Can we not know stuff and still be wise and helpful?

  • Ep 73: Gimme comfort

    Ep 73: Gimme comfort

    Do we want peace that is comfortable? Chris and Pete wonder if comfort is something we get wrong. Has our language derailed the truth of what we should be looking for? Does comfort work in our broken world, and how do we look for it in a way that actually works?

  • Ep 72: You Don’t Say

    Ep 72: You Don’t Say

    In the last of our ‘Bathroom session’ Chris and Pete stumble on some really hard-hitting questions. What if you never asked God for ‘stuff’? What else is there? Can I trust just enough for today? Are we happy to ask God to be harsh with us, and is God my ‘mate’? How does God, as…

  • Ep 71: The Biopic Book

    Ep 71: The Biopic Book

    In the next of our ‘Bathroom sessions’, Chris and Pete once again suffer from Pete’s poor recording and yet still manage to discuss some pretty cool things! Like whose rules rule the church? What happens when we don’t agree? What if your church is wrong and the world is right? Is the bible mythology? Is…

  • Ep 70: Intimacy Be Like…

    Ep 70: Intimacy Be Like…

    In the second of our ‘Bathroom series’ with the odd sound, Chris and Pete ask what would it be like if we talked to God the way we talk to our partner? Who is a hugger? Why don’t Aussie blokes do well at intimacy, and how can we be better at it?

  • Ep 69: You’re Not Wrong!

    Ep 69: You’re Not Wrong!

    This one sounds a bit odd, Sorry folks! The discussion gets very interesting as Chris and Pete doubt things! Miracles, Belief, The Bible? What do we think about faith when everything is changing? Can we be wrong and faithful, can we find truth when it’s not… what does deconstruction show about what we think?

  • Ep 68: Our Giving Ignorance

    Ep 68: Our Giving Ignorance

    Are Chris and Pete generous… for their own benefit? Is giving, a useless drop in the ocean? What if we want to make a difference with our generosity? Are we lookin at it wrong, aren’t we meant to be ‘you all’ not just ‘you’? Is it even possible to give without being selfish?

  • Ep 67: We Aren’t So Similar

    Ep 67: We Aren’t So Similar

    Chris and Pete talk about storytelling, how we all do it differently, and how weird we all are. So how can we talk about what matters? Can we communicate well when everyone else is so completely different? Is there more to our diversity? Does difference make a difference?

  • Ep 66: Leaving the flock

    Ep 66: Leaving the flock

    Chris and Pete ask ‘who’s minding the flock!’ Why is Chris breaking the sheep’s legs? Do sheep run off or do we just get distracted? How much should we follow the flock, or should we just be looking after ourselves?

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