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  • Ep 62: Too Much Information

    Ep 62: Too Much Information

    Chris and Pete love a bit of science and science is replicable. The same experiment gets the same results, that sort of thing. But what about faith, the bible, and God? Is it the same for us all? Nope. Here they check out the work of Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han who reckons knowing stuff makes…

  • Ep 54: Childhood Faith

    Ep 54: Childhood Faith

    Is it possible to go back to the faith of your childhood? Is it wise? And how do we be children… and mature people of faith… all at the same time? Join Chris and Pete as they get completely baffled and go camping instead.

  • Ep 27:  Greg French and the Big, Huge Thing

    Ep 27:  Greg French and the Big, Huge Thing

    Pastor Greg French joins Chris and Pete to share what he doesn’t know. Did he really say that not knowing keeps him moving forward? Is ignorance a motivation for faith?